The Results Accelerator

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How would you like to get the same training, the SAME results-based system we use to grow our current clients' 7 & 8-figure businesses?
During this "proven-to-work-like-clockwork" training and blueprint, you will learn EXACTLY how you can finally break that financial barrier that has stopped you from becoming the person you have always wanted to be.

By investing in this course, you will be able to exponentially and consistently grow your business financially, with my blueprint for growth, including:

  • My exact 7 Step sales formula that will allow you and your team to increase your sales by 15-33%... without having to spend more $$$ or drastically changing what it is you are doing now.

  • Step 2 reveals my “Team Sales Meeting” formula, which reveals how to tighten your team’s accountability to results, increases their skills and establishes your expectations... without being a hard ass boss.

  • The Results Accelerator program shows you how to laser focus on sales so that the rest of your business can thrive!

  • The 9 "Wisdom" documents you must have to ensure that “sales” become service and your clients come to you instead of having to chase new leads all the time. The added bonus is you and your team will have the support materials needed to take action!!!

  • And so much more...
  • What's Included in the Course?

    During the 9 weeks of the program, by implementing the proven strategies provided in the course, and your Homework, you will see experience a MAJOR positive shift in your Sales numbers and your Team.

    Here is what you will learn by investing in the Online Results Accelerator:

    • Module 1: Setting the Context (Week 1)
    • Module 2: Identify Your Ideal Clients (Week 2)
    • Module 3: Choosing Your Game (Week 3)
    • Module 3: BONUS MATERIAL
    • Module 4 Mini-Sales Challenge (Week 4)
    • Module 5: Learning from your Experiences
    • Module 6: Overcoming Obstacles (Week 6)
    • Module 7: Closing the DEAL! (Week 7)
    • Module 8: SALES CHALLENGE (Week 8)
    • Module 9: Post GAME Wrapup (Week 9)
    • Wrap-Up: Keep submitting your Numbers
    • Bonus Wrap Up Call

    Regular Price:$3,000 USD
    Your Price: $2,500 USD
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    How Does The Program Work?

    The Results Accelerator Sales Program is an online Portal, where every week, you will receive a new Lesson and Homework, once logged in. You must complete the Homework in order to move forward, as you can't learn if you aren't putting the action-steps into, well, "Action".

    You will also become part of our Private Facebook Membership group, where you can ask questions to myself or other members who are already implementing the strategies.

    Weekly Members Call-In: Each week, we will hold one Zoom call in, that is open to any and all questions from the Membership. Each call will be recorded and posted.

    Email & Facebook Messenger Support: We love to support our Action-taking students, so we setup two ways to connect with myself or team directly. Via Email, and now our own private Facebook Messenger system.

    Never be stuck again!
    Get your Questions answered by people who are in-the-trenches doing, learning, and growing each day.

    Grow Your Business with a PROVEN Method

    The Results Accelerator Sales Program is designed so that you can increase your sales, unite your team and identify the mindset that has been holding you, your team and your clients back.


    90 Days from RIGHT now, you won't even recognize your Business... if you take ACTION today.

    This is our MOST transformative sales trainings where you will see results in mere weeks... when you implement the systems we have put into place.

    Regular Price:$3,000 USD
    Your Price: $2,500 USD
    Get the Course Today!

    Your Instructor

    Jason Chessar

    Jason Chessar

    Welcome, my name is Jason Chessar. I help successful entrepreneurs and business professionals who are on a plateau in the results they are getting, or who are looking to break through to their next level of success in a short period of time. I help them, unify their team, refine their sales processes and identify where they are leaving thousands of dollars on the table so that their profits skyrocket, their team succeeds and their time is spent on what they do best. I want to help You succeed.

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